BeSocial Life

Protect your life, protect the life of those you care about

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March 31, 2020
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Insure your life, be social

Join a group with other people you care about or start a new one. We help you collecting the money in your pool and save for hard times. If a member dies, the pool steps in and pays the claim. If the money does not suffice, we step in.

BeSocial - Like the pros

New Zealand’s rugby players have started a trust fund to support the two sons of Jonah Lomu, one of the sport’s greatest champions, after it emerged that he was almost penniless when he died in 2015. This is the strength of a pool, emotionally and financially.

Why is BeSocial Life different?

We do not earn on unclaimed premiums: your money is there until you need it. Our fee for the administration of the pool is fixed and transparent. We are crystal clear about what we do with the money you pay. Join and leave BeSocial at any moment.